Police.uk Update and Droidcon 2011


I’m making some good progress on the Police.uk app. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve talked about it, but I’ve been busy writing apps for other people.

I’ve got search working. It works really well with anything like postcodes or place names. There are still a few problems with it showing results from outside the UK though. I need to look into that a bit more.

I’m also changing how the force and neighbourhood information pages work. I’m making use of viewflow by Patrik Åkerfeldt to show more information on the pages. I’ll post some screenshots on twitter when I have it looking nice. I’m also adding some new bits of data like local events, social network links for forces and the local team of officers. If anyone happens to know of an open database of police photos, get in touch. I know that some forces have them because the Police.uk displays photographs for some of the neighbourhood policing team. Would be nice to have some photos in the app.

I’ve also started collecting the crime data so I can implement some historical data. This isn’t provided by the API so I’m collecting the data manually at the minute.

I’ll be sending out a new beta version to anyone signed up soon. If you want to help out sign up here (there might be goodies in it eventually).

Droidcon 2011

If you’re into Android at all in can get to London on the 6th and 7th of October 2011 then you should defiantly think about attending Droidcon. I attended last year and had a great time. A lovely group of people, lots of interesting talks and very inspiring. The speaker list is looks just as good, if not better than last year.

I’m told there’s still a few (be quick!) early bird tickets available, which you can get from their website.

If you are going, give me a shout on Twitter or in the comments. Always nice to meet people!

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    link didnt work, any issue?

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    Hey is there a new joint program coming up ?