And we’re back…. for now

I’m having a few problems with my VPS at the minute. I’ve been attempting to fix it this afternoon and thing I’ve got it to a stable state now. Hopefully it will stay up for a bit.

The problem seems to be that when I get a few visitors at once the VPS runs out of memory and falls over. I’m thinking of moving the blog over to another system so I can deal with traffic, however I’m still looking into it at the minute. I may end up just increasing the amount of memory I have on the server.

Ah well, back for now at least :-)

P.S. I’ve not been working on the project for the past few weeks due to end of year exams at university. I finish next Tuesday so I’ll be starting back on it then hopefully

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  • Dzugvas

    Hi, will be lugaru downloader back online, or it’s closed project? I’m refreshing download link ( almost week and still no change. I am just curious, I know that you have some problems with VPS now. I wish you luck with solving them.

  • Matt Oakes

    I haven’t got round to putting that back up. I’ve finished exams now so I should be able to get it up soon :-)

  • Anonymous

    Your character encoding probably needs to be switch to latin1. Or utf-8. Or something. :)